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DeeDee Banks Luxury Fragrance is a specialist subsidiary of the award winning DeeDee Banks Designs, an interior design and property management firm in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom. We offer a selection of luxury perfumed candles, diffusers, room sprays,  soaps and lotions.

Our perfumes are made using the finest ingredients. Each blend uses a range of materials, including naturals and the very best synthetic elements. Made with a great deal of care, excluding hazardous mixes that are often present in less expensive combinations.

We are committed to providing you with top level fragrances available in our industry, beginning from research and development by our master perfumers to the delivery of your purchased choices.

If for any reason(s), you are not happy with your purchase, by all means, call or drop us a line and we would respond within 24hrs and resolve the issue to the best of our ability, and with your ultimate satisfaction in mind.

You may also visit our parent company's website at, or hit the grey button below to see some of their interior design projects and more...

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